Zumtobel sets the mood

CIELOS LED, from Zumtobel, is unique in its ability to display logos, animations or movies onto a luminaire plane, which acts like a giant TV screen. The CIELOS modular ceiling and wall lighting system is also designed to change colour on demand over the course of the day, essentially mimicking real daylight experiences and adding an extra emotional and biological component to lighting solutions. 

Research has proven that different colours can provoke particular moods, thus the CIELOS model provides a fascinating opportunity for architects and designers alike to create a room versatile enough to be tailored to the particular requirements of individuals throughout different periods of the day. 

In the workplace this system compliments work activities – CIELOS produces cool light that promotes activity or warm light that calms and adds concentration. Light can also become a persuasive seller, adding colour to retail and showroom spaces to define product and activity areas.

The latest LED technology works in harmony with the traditional CIELOS model to produce colourful, innovative image sequences and messages.

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