Zumtobel provide an innovative lighting solution for the new Verse Building

Luminaires from Zumtobel Lighting have provided an innovative lighting solution for the Verse Building (formerly Napier House) in Shoreditch, London. Architects BuckleyGrayYeoman, along with independent design consultancy chapmanbdsp, worked closely with Zumtobel on all stages of the project to create the perfect lighting solution.  The client’s requirement was for an efficient scheme specifically created for this application where mounting options were limited because there were no ceilings.

The pre-existing Napier House was a small, five-storey, steel frame 1980’s building, sandwiched between two elegant Victorian façades on Brunswick Place, near Old Street. This building was completely demolished and has been replaced with a new building now known as Verse that provides 26,000ft² GIA of Cat-A office space to provide a contemporary and flexible scheme that appeals to creative and tech occupiers attracted to Old Street and nearby Hoxton Square.

In order to meet the stringent requirements for the reception and stairwells, Zumtobel worked in close partnership with BuckleyGrayYeoman to create a bespoke design. A special LED luminaire was developed to provide a slim ‘tube’ of light suspended out from the wall. The luminaire comprises a black finished wall bracket containing the electronic control gear and, where required, a 3 hour battery backup. Subtle arms projecting the PMMA frosted tube forward of the wall complete the luminaire and give the appearance of a floating tube of light. To negate the problem of no ceilings, Zumtobel came up with a clever solution involving the use of ONDARA luminaires mounted on TECTON, the world’s first continuous row lighting system with an 11 pole current conducting section built into its trunking. TECTON is a continuous row system which is free from joints that form unbroken light lines and delivers a compact, versatile and uniform lighting solution.  The TECTON system allows for all functions such as power supply, lighting control and connection with emergency lighting to be quickly installed and seamlessly integrated into the multifunctional trunking system.  The system also allows for a variety of lighting requirements and luminaire positions to be changed to suit structural alterations in the future such as replacement or additional luminaire requirements, light sources or optics.

ONDARIA is an opal, circular luminaire with soft contours and a homogeneous silhouette that provides a subtle indirect component and provides a diffused, soft light distribution. The timeless design of the ONDARIA luminaire also perfectly complements a variety of different room concepts and the clear geometry enhances the architecture without detracting from the interior styling. Both the TECTON and ONDARIA luminaires have been supplied in black to suit the modern architecture of the newly refurbished building.

The lighting is controlled via Zumtobel’s LITECOM, an incredibly flexible, great value lighting control system, packed with software driven features that negates the need to replace modules when something different is required. Perfect for this project, they are modular and could be easily retro fitted to reuse the existing wiring. The settings can be checked, adjusted or changed via a laptop or any other smart device. Emergency lighting throughout the office spaces is provided by Zumtobel’s RESCLITE small, energy-efficient LED spotlights mounted on the TECTON trunking. The efficient LED power package of the RESCLITE emergency luminaire ensures optimum escape-route lighting.

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