Zumtobel provide a light solution for Corpus Christi High School

Zumtobel Group has created a solution for Corpus Christi High School in Cardiff that has not only overcome the constraints associated with the project but also resulted in a stylish installation, with maximum performance, low maintenance and high energy savings. Using Zumtobel’s innovative skills, the original 1990’s lighting scheme has been transformed into an eye catching, contemporary installation that works in unison with the existing recessed lighting and trunking system.

Corpus Christi High School is a voluntary aided school that was set up in 1987 and a new building added in 1996, with fundraising for providing the impetuses part of a family of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Cardiff. The school provides education to pupils aged 11-16 years and is part of Cardiff County Council Education Authority, which means that the school not only provides the best possible vocational and academic education but aims to nurture students in their faith and follow the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, enabling the development of the whole child. The school recognises that education is not confined to success in external examinations only but is also about spiritual, moral, personal, social, physical and cultural development.

Zumtobel’s Concept Design team created a sleek and modern, energy efficient LED solution that was then engineered by the company’s Custom Product Team in Spennymoor, designed to replace the original 1990’s old style fluorescent, coffer style 36W T8 luminaires, creating an aesthetically pleasing contemporary design that works with the existing recessed lighting and trunking system.

The existing luminaires had a complicated two-part fixing comprising a gear tray with control gear and lamps and a separate louvre system secured with shoot bolts.  To overcome this, Zumtobel designed a flush fitting luminaire with a simple universal fixing method, therefore making this system almost suitable for fixing into to any recessed void without the requirement for special springs, screws or retrofit frames. Fixing of the luminaire is made by attaching two suspension wires to a load bearing surface in the recessed void. The wires are then attached to the luminaire, which allows electrical wiring to be connected while the luminaire is hanging in a safe position. This also provides an added safety feature allowing the installer to have both hands free to make the relevant connections. Once the electrical connections are made, the luminaire can be raised into the ceiling, any excess wire can be trimmed, allowing enough wire free for future maintenance.

740 luminaires have been installed at the school by John Bulpin Electrical Ltd, Swansea,  with an installation time of 90 seconds per luminaire and the total load has been reduced from 59kW to 18.2kW, providing potential energy savings of 82kWh per annum (based on 2000 hours per year) which is equal to £11,000 per annum.  Optics have been specifically designed to provide good vertical illumination in the corridors and classrooms, ensuring that UGR19 is maintained.

Broderick Lingham, Estate Manager at Corpus Christi commented “Since the initial consultation with Thorn regarding the complete replacement of all our tube lighting in the school, I found they have shown from the onset a throughout and professional approach to the project.  We have a casement lighting system throughout the school which would have been very expensive to replace, but Thorn developed a bespoke LED unit that fitted within the old tube casements.  This included a release and locking cable system, for quick installation and ease of maintenance if required. To date, we have already shown savings from the first stage of installation and we are currently two thirds through the project which is being phased during term times to minimise disruption to our pupils.  The new lighting has created a very much improved ambience throughout classrooms which aids the children in their learning environment.   I am looking forward to the completion of the project and the saving we will undoubtable be making into the future”.

Zumtobel has built an enviable reputation for creating specific solutions for individual applications, using the latest technology to design application-specific products, whilst reducing manufacturing costs and energy consumption. This enables the company to provide a cost effective solution with maximum energy savings to offset capital costs and financial solutions such as NOW.

The Corpus Christi project was financed using NOW, Zumtobel Group’s finance package that offers to spread the cost of the products and installation over a pre-defined period, with regular repayments that are calculated in relation to the predicted energy savings. Typically, the annual savings will exceed the repayments, so the organisation is saving money from day one.


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