Zumtobel illuminates new storage for art and musical instrument collections at Edinburgh University

Zumtobel Lighting has provided the illumination for the new, environmentally controlled, sensitive storage unit within the existing warehouse at the University of Edinburgh with the company’s TECTON continuous row lighting system. The lighting for the BS EN 16893 compliant unit will deliver high energy savings and low maintenance, in a system that comes ready equipped to meet the changing needs of the area. This storage unit is being used exclusively for art and musical instrument collections.

Zumtobel has supplied TECTON suspended track with TECTON C LED Luminaires that provide an impressive 50,000 hours at 90% luminous flux. With the 1500mm TECTON C Luminaires delivering a fantastic 5580lm at an incredible efficacy of 168lm/w. TECTON is the world’s first continuous-row luminaire to have an 11-pole current conducting section built into its trunking. All functions such as power supply, lighting control and connection to emergency lighting are seamlessly integrated into this multifunctional trunking. Luminaires can be positioned flexibly and the system can be adapted to suit structural alterations at any time. TECTON copes effortlessly with various lighting requirements – at the time it is installed and whenever there are changes. The TECTON trunking remains unchanged and forms the functional backbone of the system. It is simply a matter of replacing or adding lighting modules, light sources or optics as required.

Simple to install, TECTON offers important economic advantages, with less expenditure on maintenance, resulting in fewer interruptions to work and reduced energy consumption that provides additional cost savings.


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