Zumtobel Group support Harley Haddow and Page/Park in achieving Edinburgh Printmakers’ “Creative Aspirations”

Edinburgh Printmakers

The redevelopment of a derelict building into a new centre for printmaking production for Edinburgh Printmakers has included the installation of a range of innovative lighting solutions from Zumtobel. Edinburgh Printmakers’ new Creative Hub is located within what once was the headquarters of the North British Rubber Company (NBRC), the only surviving structure of the once large and important 19th century Castle Mills Industrial Complex. Zumtobel worked with building services consultancy, Harley Haddow, Edinburgh and architects Page\Park as the design of the lighting was critical to achieving the aspirations for developing an industrial aesthetic for the new interventions, whilst preserving the character and quality of the existing building.

Edinburgh Printmakers developed an exciting, dynamic and ambitious brief for their new Creative Hub and were keen to capture all the characteristics of their very successful existing facility but also expand their business to develop a more inclusive facility for both the production and display of art. The new accommodation includes a large printmaking studio – 50% larger than their current facility – with associated dark room, digital printing room, etc., two high quality gallery spaces, a shop, a Cafe Bar, a learning studio, various archive and storage rooms, an artist flat as well as a series of rentable EP Studios. The refurbished 5,300m2 building has been designed to make minimum use of energy and incorporates a range of innovative technologies to combine comfort, ease of use and energy efficiency.

Edinburgh Printmakers

Zumtobel’s Tecton Black continuous row lighting system has been used across multiple areas of the building, allowing all functions such as power supply, lighting control and connection with emergency lighting to be quickly installed and seamlessly integrated into the multifunctional trunking system. With a luminaire efficiency of up to 168 lumens per watt, Tecton also offers key economic benefits. Less maintenance work means fewer interruptions and reduced costs thanks to lower energy consumption.  In addition, Tecton has an optimal colour rendering index of Ra 80 and an excellent service life – so that even after 50,000 hours of operation, 90 percent of the initial luminous flux will still be achieved. Tecton was chosen for the project not only for its flexibility in modularity but also its architecturally clean lines and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Resclite PRO from Zumtobel is providing the flexible, programmable and efficient emergency lighting throughout the facility. This smart emergency luminaire utilises new lenses to provide enhanced flexibility and combines an unobtrusive look with the highest function-driven performance.

Zumtobel worked hard with the design team to understand both the functional needs and specific technical requirements of each space and this is clearly evidenced in the design of the lighting, particularly the use of LITECOM Lighting Controls with daylight linking. LITECOM, a pioneering and innovative open lighting management system, combines intuitive control via apps with easy installation and operation using an individual controller. LITECOM allows easy configuration, intuitive user guidance and maximum flexibility, which is made possible thanks to the synthesis of controller, touch panel and software within one system. This allows for the implementation, control and monitoring of individual lighting solutions that fully correspond to the specific requirements of a project. LITECOM has reduced the complexity of the lighting controls, including presence, absence, daylight linking and scene setting options for Edinburgh Printmakers and has added the final touch to create the perfect lit environment for the facility.

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