Zip sets a new standard

Zip Heaters (UK) Ltd has launched the new Hydroboil Plus on-wall instant boiling water heater range designed to set a new energy efficiency standard for the provision of hot drinks in the workplace. The range features a unique combination of energy saving features to keep power usage to an absolute minimum.

Hydroboil Plus delivers up to 45 cups of boiling water at one time, all within 1?C of boiling with a recovery rate of up to 140 cups per hour. Flow is controlled using a new ergonomically designed red, cool-touch lever with boiling water delivery via a low heat loss spout. Available in 3.0, 5.0 or 7.5 litre capacities and with a choice of white or stainless steel case finish, Zip Hydroboil Plus is at home in any commercial environment.

Zip Hydroboil Plus is ideal for a variety of commercial environments such as offices, hospitals, schools and factories and will save time, money and energy.

Zip Hydroboil Plus has been designed with safety in mind; the unit is cool to touch, with the new red lever and separate spout providing steam-free handling.

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