Zip announces additions

Zip Heaters (UK) Ltd has extended its HydroTap range with the launch of the Zip HydroTap 4-in-1 and 3-in-1. 

The Zip HydroTap 4-in-1 can supply instant boiling, chilled, hot and cold water from a single source, simplifying the provision of water in the workplace while simultaneously boosting energy efficiency. 

One compact under-sink system supplies not only filtered instant boiling and chilled water to the Zip HydroTap but also hot and cold water to the Zip Mixer Tap.  A specially designed venturi device on the under-sink unit blends mains cold water with the stored boiling water to produce hot water at around 50ºC.  By blending water in this way, energy is conserved by eliminating heat loss from either a separate water heater or through potentially long pipe runs from a central source. 

In a similar way the Zip HydroTap 3-in-1 offers instant boiling, hot and cold water from a single source, delivering similar energy savings.  

Zip HydroTaps 4-in-1 and 3-in-1 are typically designed for use in workplace kitchens where a dishwasher is the primary means of washing dishes.

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