Zehnder UK puts indoor air quality top of the agenda with high grade NOx filters

Zehnder UK today introduces its range of specialist NOx filters, in order to help customers meet important  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) targets especially in consideration of rising NO₂ levels. The filters will also help to reduce symptoms of respiratory illness in regions with high levels of air pollution, typically inner cities and urban areas. With IAQ and ventilation inextricably linked, the filters are used in conjunction with a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) strategy as part of the ‘Whole House’ ventilation approach, widely recognised to improve IAQ and increase health benefits for residents.

Zehnder’s NOx filters provide high grade filtration to meet Air Quality Planning Regulations  requirements and are available in five options to suit all MVHR models. The filters are also compact in size, in order to minimise energy consumption, and have a lifespan of 2-5 years.

Unique feature

Zehnder’s NOx filters also include a feature unique to the market: an integrated maintenance site panel. Each unit has a perspex panel which provides a quick view of the filter cartridge status when it is installed, rather than requiring access to the filter as is standard with other filters on the market. This eliminates the need to remove the entire front panel and saves time and labour on site.

Effective filtration is crucial, however the need for filtration must be designed into the entire system correctly as additional components can result in more resistance which means more noise and less airflow.

Zehnder NOx filters:

–          Provide the crucial levels of filtration required to meet Regulations

–          Minimise impact on the airflow performance of the MVHR system

–          Have a long lifespan, helping to reduce costs and maintenance cycles

Carl Fivash, Technical Advisor at Zehnder Group UK Ltd, comments:

“Indoor Air Quality is a key concern for residents and developers alike and the recent spotlight on the health impacts of air pollution has pushed the issue even further up the agenda. The priority now is to provide solutions that meet increasing standards and put the needs and health of residents first, whilst also working to reduce costs, keep maintenance to a minimum and ensure high levels of energy efficiency.”


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