Zehnder partners with Passive House Academy to offer certified Passive House training

Zehnder Group UK has formed a partnership with the Passive House Academy to offer a certified Passive House tradesperson course at a new training facility at the National Construction College in Glasgow, Scotland. The first course has been designed to provide participants with the opportunity to learn the practical skills required to achieve the Passive House energy standard and stay one step ahead in what is fast becoming an increasingly competitive industry.
Zehnder is a leading provider of energy efficient indoor climate solutions and their complete range of ComfoAir domestic heat recovery ventilation units have all been certified by the Passive House Institute.
The Passive House Academy has been leading the way in training, development, certification and consultancy for over 15 years. Trainees at the new Glasgow facility will have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with Zehnder UK’s industry-leading MVHR units, as well as their associated components, as part of their course.
“Our New York Academy has collaborated with Zehnder America successfully for some time, so when it came to specifying a ventilation system, including professional backup for our Glasgow facility, Zehnder UK was a natural choice,” commented Art McCormack, director at The Passive House Academy.
“Moreover, Zehnder UK has been instrumental in the development of our Glasgow facility, right from the planning stages through to completion.”

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