XL has all the right attributes

XL Series from ATAG Commercial copyThe XL Series is part of ATAG Commercial’s highly efficient range of gas-fired boilers, boasting impressive performance, high quality and reliable engineering, plus flexible cascade arrangements. XL boilers are available in outputs of 60kW, 95kW and 120kW, with all models achieving best in class NOx emissions less than 30mg/kWh – offering maximum BREEAM points.

Each XL Series commercial boiler incorporates an extremely efficient and durable stainless steel heat exchanger. Its specially designed hydraulic chambers and smooth tubes ensure water turbulence is optimised for maximum heat transfer, while maintaining the lowest possible pressure drop.

Furthermore, the heat exchanger’s down-firing arrangement avoids contamination, while the high quality 316L stainless steel delivers excellent lifetime efficiency, along with incredibly low maintenance schedules of every four years or 16,000 hrs. To underpin the manufacturing quality and engineering expertise, all XL boilers from ATAG Commercial are supplied with a five year parts and labour warranty as standard. For added peace of mind, ATAG Commercial can offer extended warranties of eight and 10 years.

XL Series boilers have been specifically designed to operate in cascade arrangements of up to eight boilers, offering a combined total output of 960kW. In addition, with a small footprint and options of wall mounted in-line, freestanding in-line and back-to-back arrangements, all XL units are ideal for plant rooms with limited space.

To complement these impressive outputs, the XL Series from ATAG Commercial can be supplied with a pre-fabricated cascade frame that can be fitted on site in six easy steps. Cascade pipework headers along with cascade flue systems are also available.

Additional features include a fully modulating brushless fan for quiet operation, in-built modulating ‘A’ rated pump for excellent efficiencies, automatic air vent, plus a modulating gas valve.

ATAG Commercial, which is part of the Ariston Thermo Group, is a manufacturer of gas fired condensing boilers suitable for a range of domestic and commercial applications. Other models in the range include the exemplary A Series and flexible Q Series of commercial units. All models have proved to be highly successful throughout the UK for many years, blending manufacturing expertise and unmatched reliability.

For more information on the wide range of high efficiency gas condensing boilers from ATAG Commercial, visit www.atagcommercial.co.uk.

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