Xitec gives enhanced performance

TridonicAtco’s new xitec technology has been used to improve the PC PRO T8 ballast which, until now, has been at the very pinnacle of system efficiency and lamp management. The improved properties of the innovative PC PRO T8 xitec include a high level of integration and a wealth of additional functions to provide enhanced performance.
The improved thermal management gained through the use of xitec technology has resulted in reduced power loss; less heat is produced and therefore the thermal load on the ECG is lower, which increases the reliability of the device. TridonicAtco’s new PC PRO T8 xitec generation has a greater thermal safety margin to limit temperature at the smoothing capacitor and, as the operating temperature dictates the life of the device, a reduction in the constant load of 10K at the capacitor will double the life and lead to a considerable improvement in reliability.
PC PRO T8 xitec ballasts have an impressive built-in intelligence and promote long lamp life owing to gentle hot restart, automatic restart on relamping and constant luminous flux even during fluctuations in the mains voltage.
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