X-Force gets tough

A completely new range of specialist fluorescent proof luminaires has been introduced by Thorn. The X-Force family – whose powers include, super strength, endurance, and the ability to resist harm – goes into battle in the harshest of environments.
Five specific products cater for hot, cold, stormy, corrosive and impact related conditions enabling individual performance requirements to be met. Although fluorescent lamps are sensitive to temperature the HeatForce and ColdForce luminaires are designed with special control gear to operate reliably, and with good light output, at up to 65°C or down to -30°C respectively.
StormForce is a rugged exterior luminaire – courtesy of a steel reinforced canopy and gull wing fixing brackets. CorrosionForce, with its PMMA diffuser will resist most trace chemicals in the atmosphere, such as in a processing plant or garage. As the name suggests ImpactForce will withstand a direct impact, up to IK07, and continue to operate.
All X-Force products share the same high build quality, stainless steel toggles and IP65 compliance.
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