WYG to produce waste facility planning guidance

White Young Green (WYG), consultants to the built, natural and social environment, has been selected by West Sussex County Council to produce a ‘High Quality Waste Facilities Supplementary Planning Document’ and associated Sustainability Appraisal. The guidance will supplement the adopted West Sussex Structure Plan and take the form of a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) within the West Sussex Minerals and Waste Development Framework. The document will provide guidance on:

• How new waste facilities can be integrated with other land uses with minimum conflict.

• How high quality design can minimise the environmental and visual impact of such facilities.

There is an increasing demand for all types of waste facilities within West Sussex and the guidance is intended as a good practice benchmark to help inform applicants, local residents, businesses and other interest groups as to the high quality of design of waste facilities expected by the Council.

Key Stakeholders will be consulted during the production process and a draft document will be released for public consultation in September /October 2006 with adoption scheduled for December 2006.

To deliver the project, WYG has brought together a dedicated team of its specialist planning and waste management staff from its southern offices.

Trevor Moody, Senior Planner at WYG Planning who will be working with WYG Environmental on producing this document, comments: “WYG are pleased to be involved in this exciting and ground breaking planning document which will help to ensure high quality design is achieved in the County. There is pressure on authorities throughout the Country to deliver more waste facilities and this type of guidance will be very valuable as the new planning system is rolled out.”

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