Worcester Bosch comment on Energy White Paper

Martyn Bridges, director of technical communication and product management at Worcester Bosch,

Pic by www.edwardmoss.co.uk
Worcester Bosch

commented; “It is great to see a concrete document released by the Government which seems to mirror many of the thoughts and recommendations that we as an industry have put forward.

“It is particularly encouraging to see that hydrogen-ready boilers have finally been acknowledged formally with it looking like a date will be set for these to be introduced during this decade. Also, the inclusion of bio-methane being injected into the existing gas grid is also a positive step, however the need for mandated annual servicing outside of the tenant/landlord dwellings will be required for this.

“It must be said though, that the fact there is no mention of hybrid systems is disappointing. The paper has been worded in a way that seems to suggest it will be one type of technology for a household, hopefully as time goes on and more details is looked into, hybrids will find their place.

“Finally, the lack of mention of bio-oil and bio-kerosene is also a concern. There are a number of logistical and costly reasons which could cause significant issues if heating systems in off-grid homes are required to be replaced with a heat pump. Again, perhaps as more information is divulged and trials undertaken bio-oil may be placed back on the table.”

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