The Sir Jack Hayward Ground is the first team training and academy base of Premier League football club Wolverhampton Wanderers.

The state of the art facility was opened in 2005 and named in honour of the club’s Life President and former owner Sir Jack Hayward. It features two high-quality under-soil heated pitches, an indoor pitch, a fully equipped gymnasium and a hydrotherapy pool. In addition, the training ground’s medical and physiotherapy facilities made it the first British sports club to establish a fully accredited onsite professional sports laboratory.

Established West Midlands contractor Lord Combustion Services, proposed the replacement of the existing PU equipment with a pre-commissioned Mikrofill pressurisation package. This included 2 x 700 litre expansion vessels, 2 x service drain valves and a Mikrofill 3 PU unit. The pre-commissioning includes the setting of the nitrogen/air charge in each of the vessels to match the cold fill parameter on the Mikrofill unit. In turn, this ensures the vessels absorb the correct amount of volumetric expansion when the system operates at its designed final working pressure.

For more information on these and other Mikrofill products please visit www.mikrofill.com or call the sales team on 03452 606020.

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