Wireless lighting control from Tridonic

Tridonic has now equipped its new LED drivers in the premium (PRE) series with the basicDIM Wireless module to allow for quick, convenient, space-saving wireless lighting control without the need for any additional cabling.

The new LED drivers in the premium (PRE) series with an integrated basicDIM Wireless module use Bluetooth technology to achieve wireless communication with up to 127 devices in a network thereby omitting the requirement for a separate wireless module to control luminaires wirelessly. All that is required for each luminaire is a driver in which the basicDIM Wireless module is already integrated. Luminaires equipped in this way can be controlled, assigned to luminaire groups and faded up and down between 1 and 100 percent via Bluetooth. It is also possible to set up lighting scenes or, with suitable drivers, create tunable white applications. The output currents can be easily set via the I-SELECT 2 plug.

Three versions of this Casambi-ready driver are available, covering a wide range of luminaire types:  the SC PRE (CC) basicDIM Wireless constant current driver comes in four models ranging from 10 W to 45 W (150 mA – 1,400 mA). Suitable for luminaire installation or for installation as separate drivers with optional strain relief, for example together with the SLE, CLE or DLE LED modules. Depending of the model, the output power is 10 W, 17 W, 25 W or 45 W.

Available in four models from 35 W to 150 W, is the basicDIM Wireless 24 V constant voltage LED driver PRE (CV) in miniature form with strain relief. They are compatible, for example, with the LLE FLEX modules. Depending of the model, the output power is 35 W, 60 W, 100 W or 150 W.

The Tunable White PRE (TW) LC 38W 2 CH DT8 basicDIM Wireless driver is a separate two-channel constant current driver with an output power of 38 W.

The new PRE drivers will be of particular benefit to operators of offices, healthcare practices and shops looking for a quick and convenient way to modernise their lighting without any new cabling.   The drivers will provide a powerful, low-cost light management system that can be easily controlled via Bluetooth. For ultimate ease of use there is the free App 4remote BT app and optional user interface.


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