Wilo is top of the pops

A pop video is possibly the least likely place Wilo would have expected to see one of their pump products, but the company was delighted, if a little surprised, when one of their VR boosters was spotted on Eric Prydz’ video of his new single ‘Proper Education’.
Best known for his 2004 single ‘Call on Me’ – his take of the Stevie Winwood classic ‘Valerie’ – Eric’s latest pop sensation uses sampling from Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ and focuses on climate change and global warming.

The video follows a gang of young people breaking into the high-rise flats in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets where they secretly switch appliances off standby, swap light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives, and place bricks in toilet cisterns in an attempt to make a positive impact on climate change.

The featured Wilo pump is one of more than 100 that have been installed in Tower Hamlets after Thames Water announced that it was planning to reduce water pressure across London from 3 bar to the legally required 1 bar in order to minimise water leakage. The energy-efficient pumps ensure tenants continue to get a good supply of water regardless of how high up they live and the pressure at the mains.

Daniel Wild, Wilo’s Sales Director said: “We are absolutely delighted that one of our products features in a video that puts forward such a powerful message about the need for us all to do our bit to protect the environment and that Wilo will be associated with such an instantly recognisable tune. We’re all fans of Eric, here.”

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