Will 2021 hold the key for commercial building services?

2020 may not go down in the history books for being the best of years. Yet it hasn’t been all bad news for building services, as the industry found a depth of resilience and innovation that might never have been realised otherwise. Grundfos Pumps are proud to have played their part, by delivering ‘business as usual’, as well as though specifying, supplying and fitting pump solutions in a record time, to several Florence Nightingale projects and laboratory test centres.

Additionally they have streamlined their offering and accelerated their end-to-end processes that now allows them to maximise the delivery of their off-site build solutions that are engineered and delivered from their specialist Grundfos manufacturing plant in Sunderland.  These solutions will be playing an increasingly key role. in an increasing number of building services projects, moving forward.

Recent official announcements will also greatly benefit the industry, as well as the wider community. An example being the peace of mind and positive impact of changes to fire regulations for new high-rise buildings in England and Wales. Then there is the £36bn fund the Government has pledged to improve the nation’s infrastructure, that will encourage the upgrading of plant equipment to enhance and promote energy improvements

Grundfos are looking forward to continuing to play their supporting role in any new or refurbishment pump solutions requirements in 2021, visit www.grundfos.co.uk to learn more.

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