Wieland’s RST MINI – a small connector with maximum IP protection

46.052.4053.1_CADWieland Electric has expanded its successful RST round plug connector system with the addition of RST MINI, the smallest connector on the market. It is a 5 pole system consisting of connectors for on-site installation, appliance connectors for integration into housings, re-wireable components and pre-formed cables ready for connection. The RST MINI system has a high IP rating of up to IP69 and has also been designed for use with 3 and 4 pole electric supplies.

96.052.4053.0_AThe RST MINI system utilises the new Twistlock technology whereby connectors interlock automatically on connection. Unlocking follows the ‘bayonet’ principle through a slight rotation of the locking ring. In the optional ‘safelock’ position, the connection can only be opened using a screwdriver which eliminates the possibility of unintentional disconnection.

97.052.4053.1_AWieland’s RST MINI system also reduces installation errors by using mechanical and colour coding which means that it is only possible to join connectors that match one another. The connectors were specifically developed for lighting technology but can be used for a host of other functions, particularly when space is at a premium. Due to the standardised M20 thread, conventional cable screwed cable glands can easily be exchanged for more convenient pluggable connectors.

The RST MINI system provides savings in terms of time and costs, approximately 80% less installation time and 25% less expenditure.


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