Wieland provides protection

Wieland Electric has extended its popular RST series of pluggable electrical installation products with the addition of the 5 pole RST Power Connector for use with currents up to 50A. The new RST 50i5 is extremely compact and significantly smaller than comparable connectors with the same current carrying capability. 

Designed to provide fast, economical installation, the RST50i5 connectors are rated IP66 to IP67 for applications where a high degree of protection is required. Connectors for installation in panels can be mounted easily to a cut-out prepared for M32 cable glands, whilst an adapter ring in a pre-prepared M40 cut-out takes care of the centering. Contacts are spring-loaded and mating components are interlocked by simply snapping the parts together. If required, male and female connectors can be separated easily using a screwdriver. RST50i5 connectors are also available with crimp connection, making them ideal for pre-assembly and the user-friendly bayonet lock protects against accidental disconnection.

Wieland’s RST50i5 connectors are suitable for use in most industrial applications, including power distribution for industrial systems, battery charge systems, shipbuilding, construction sites and solar technology for inverters where large wire cross sections have to be connected in confined spaces.


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