Wieland EnOcean to LON Gateway

Following the success of Wieland Electric’s EnOcean to KNX Gateway (winner of the KNX Product of the Year Award 2007) the company has now launched its EnOcean to LON (Local Operating Network) Gateway to control even more areas of building automation.
The LON gateway integrates EnOcean wireless sensors and switches into the LON bus and translates its data into standard network variables. The system is able to manage up to 56 EnOcean radio controlled channels with a maximum of 170 transmitters and all EnOcean profiles are implemented within the application.  Configuration settings are saved and managed in a LNS (Lonworks Network Services) database and LONmark conformity guarantees interoperability between other LON devices.
Wireless channels can be programmed independently of the LON network by use of a simple to operate programming switch provided directly on the gateway.  Sensor values received by the unit are transferred and converted into the appropriate SNVT (Standard Network Variable Type) and transmitted to the LON network via the LON base module.  This allows for wireless switches to be parameterised to control a variety of different functions from lighting and sun blinds to scenes or presence detection.

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