Wieland boosts KNX networking

Addressing the growing use of KNX-based networks in residential and commercial projects, Wieland Electric has launched the gesis KNX Series. Using the new gesis KNX Series in combination with Wieland’s comprehensive range of KNX compatible devices, users can now build KNX-based networks with components from a single source.
The range includes presence and motion detectors, room thermostat actuators, pushbutton interfaces and fan coil actuators, all connected via TP1 twisted-pair cable.
The gesis KNX Series also allows connection of the gesis EIB V, EIB M2, and RM devices to a KNX building bus, along with gesis KNX PS160, KNX PS320, and KNX PS640 power supplies for nominal currents of 160 mA, 320 mA, and 640 mA respectively. EnOcean sensors can also be integrated into KNX networks, using gesis EIB V Series interfaces.
Also available are a USB interface (gesis KNX USB) for PC connection, a line and backbone coupler (gesis KNX LK), as well an IP router (gesis KNX IP-R) for network configuration and access via Ethernet. All gesis KNX System devices (power supplies, USB interface, IP router, and coupler) are installed in a central control panel.
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