Why make it difficult when it can be so easy?

Introducing the SYX66x Controller Range from SyxthSense

Understanding the balance of essential features and ease-of-use the SYX66x range of Heating Controls from SyxthSense tick all the boxes for Small Buildings and System Installers whom need an alternative to the complexities that a fully capable BMS can bring with it. What makes the SYX66x range exceptional is the combination of ease of use with flexibility. The controllers are very easy to set-up and are adaptable to manage almost any simple plantroom. Guided by simple set-up options for the system (boiler, heating, HWS etc) the controller is directly customised for the building it is installed in.

A wide range of installation accessories are ready to be used with the SYX66x which allow simple upgrades of older optimiser/compensator control systems. The SYX66x range also supports different sensor types from other manufacturers thus saving even more time and money. Furthermore, the SYX66x range can be integrated into larger supervised systems if required.

The SYX66x is a simple to use heating control system, suitable for facilities such as schools, clinics, offices, and assisted living facilities. The controller in particular helps schools improve performance by monitoring its optimisation results. If there is an issue with the heating it will let you know.

No specialist tools or software is needed. The SYX66x uses simple terminology that is easy to understand. It can be managed locally via its own interface, from a remote computer/touch screen, or if WiFi is available, from a smart device such as a phone or tablet. Built on solid experience, reliability and commonality, you begin to save money from the very moment you decide to install it.

  • Day extend Settings activate when time program ends
  • Simple settings for a wide range of applications – no worries about programming
  • Understandable and familiar parameters all explained in the guide
  • Self-Learning to reduce energy and increase comfort
  • Temperature and plant activity recording
  • Engineer Commissioning Mode to allow testing and demonstrations
  • A wide range of options and mounting plates for retro-fit upgrades and new installations
  • Choice of models to suit existing sensor types
  • In-built web browser allows direct access for users and engineers.
  • Three password levels
  • The SYX controllers can be custom re-programmed to suit changing needs of the building/design in the future. Simple today – Even better tomorrow.

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