Who is SANHA

SANHA’s new company video provides an up-to-date overview of how the firm works and of their way of doing things – of their employees, their products, their comprehensive services and their factories in Belgium, Germany and Poland.

SANHA piping systems are a part of everyone’s daily life. They are used for applications ranging from drinking water and drains, to fire protection systems and medical gases. Today, SANHA successfully provides pipes and fittings to customers in over 40 countries.

The label ‘Made In Germany’ is one that evokes perceptions of quality, efficiency and reliability. SANHA strives every day to ensure that their pipes, fittings and tools live up to this standard. As Bernd Kaimer, CEO of SANHA, explains:

“You can rely on the technical know-how and dedicated experience of our employees. This is the basis of our success.”

Whether the customer needs stainless steels, carbon steel, copper, brass, plastic or lead-free silicon bronze, SANHA are piping systems specialists. And with two fully-equipped logistics centres, they can cover every requirement just in time, relying on state-of-the-art logistics technology.

But SANHA offers much more than ‘just’ premium systems – they support customers right from the start with their tailor-made service.  SANHA: Always a perfect fit.

SANHA Company Video

website: https://www.sanha.com/en

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