Whitecroft’s new DUO

Whitecroft Lighting’s new DUO luminaire embraces new technologies and innovations to address the visual needs of the workspace and create a greatly improved working environment. DUO’s revolutionary Bio Dynamic lighting system gradually varies both lighting intensity and colour temperature throughout the working day to counteract the peaks and troughs in alertness that most people experience through the day.
At the heart of DUO lies Whitecroft’s unique Micro Polymer optical technology, using a complex polycarbonate material that combines microscopic pearls of opal thermoplastic elements in a clear base, resulting in excellent light transmission. This microstructure refracts light to such an extent that it appears translucent and delivers an extremely diffuse effect. This differs dramatically from traditional diffuser materials which are completely opal, resulting in extremely poor light transmission.

DUO also employs Intermediate Brightness Zone (IBZ) technology to create a graduated brightness between the high intensity of a light source and the relatively low luminance of the ceiling. The complex structure of the IBZ polycarbonate material produces a highly diffuse light with constant brightness from all angles of view.

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