Whitecroft cascades into Surrey

Surrey County Council’s refurbishment of Quadrant Court in Woking, Surrey has included the replacement of Cat 2 luminaires with a range of fittings from Whitecroft Lighting. These included specially modified versions of Whitecroft’s Cascade recessed luminaires to meet the needs of the project.
Quadrant Court is a four-storey office block comprising 5400m2 of office space. During the project, the complete building was stripped out, refurbished and reconfigured to new layouts for open plan offices, meeting rooms, catering and break-out areas.

The lighting and other M&E designs were carried out by consulting engineers Faber Maunsell to provide upgraded office space for Surrey County Council. Faber Maunsell’s Martin Valentine explained: “We chose Whitecroft’s fittings for a number of reasons; including quality of manufacture, price and service back-up. The Cascade luminaires give a nice glow with controlled brightness on the ceiling and this project has been put forward for the ‘Best out of City Office Development’ award”.

Around 1300 of Whitecroft’s Cascade luminaires have been used within the office space, modified from the standard version to accommodate a 2 x 14W lamp configuration. A key feature of Cascade’s design is its ability to meet LG3 2001 brightness limits while injecting life into the ceiling plane and maintaining a neat ceiling line. Cascade’s advanced optics also ensure light distribution from the minimum number of lighting points, thus reducing overall cost of ownership.

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