Wessex gets new kit

Hamworthy Heating has launched new and improved water manifold kits for its Wessex ModuMax high efficiency, fully modulating condensing and non-condensing, pre-mix, gas fired range of boilers.
The new manifold kits are now factory assembled and hydraulically tested to provide reassurance before filling the system. The kits are fitted with isolation valves to enable maintenance to be carried out on each boiler without shutting down the whole system, and pipe work is pre-sized to suit the flow conditions at the boiler. To overcome any uneven surfaces that create mis-alignment the manifold kits now also have adjustable feet and flexible connections.

Wessex ModuMax 100 series boilers deliver outputs from 110kW to 360kW, whilst the 200 series outputs range from 220kW to 750kW. A small footprint, less than one square metre in size delivering an output of 985kW per square metre floor space from the 200 series, allows optimal use of plant room space. Weighing in at just 0.8kg per kW of output, ModuMax condensing boilers win in terms of size and output, and provide an energy efficient solution to meet all legislative and regulatory requirements.

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