Website shows how heating can help hit renewable targets

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new website to highlight the benefits of a unique new range of commercial heating products that can help buildings hit renewable energy targets with more ease and flexibility than any other form of alternative heating, including biomass boilers.


Available at the website details the efficiency challenges facing building owners today and highlights the versatility of use that the new range of heat pump boilers offers.

Tough legislation now demands that new buildings and any major refurbishments take into account energy use.  Many local authorities are also insisting on varying degrees of renewable energy before approving planning applications.  Targets can be as high as 20% of the building’s total energy use.  In addition to this, Energy Performance Certificates are required for all new and refurbished buildings.


“Heating accounts for 55% of the energy used in a commercial building,” explains John Nock, general manager of the commercial heating department, “finding ways of reducing this energy demand can not only help reduce fuel bills but also lower the carbon emissions of the building and the organisation occupying it.”


The website details the range of air source and ground source heat pump boilers which can supply hot water and heating via a ducted or wet system.  The systems are based on advanced variable refrigerant flow (VRF) heat pump technology taken from the air conditioning industry and have been designed to provide low carbon heating systems that can replace or work alongside existing heating systems.

Website shows how heating can help hit renewable targets


The whole system is designed and manufactured as heating-only to ensure that it qualifies as renewable energy because even the most advanced heat pump air conditioning systems are not defined as ‘renewable’ technologies by the European Union and UK Government.


“These systems will help building owners meet renewable legislation and planning requirements whether they are used on their own or in conjunction with existing heating,” adds Nock.


Further information on the new range of commercial heating heat pumps systems is available by calling 01707 282880 or emailing

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