Wave helps with small ideas

The University of Nottingham’s cutting edge Nano Science department started the autumn semester in seven completely refurbished laboratories – each cooled by Fujitsu air conditioning, supplied by Wave Air Conditioning and installed by Brookair of Nottingham.
Nigel Smith, Brookair’s Managing Director said: “Because of the delicate nature of nano science, the university was very specific about its requirements, and top of the list was flexibility and control.”

To comply with this, in five of the labs Brookair installed individual Fujitsu AUY24 LUAR heat pumps, single-split cassettes, linked to Fujitsu AOY24LMARKL outdoor units. This allowed each lab to have its own settings to suit its individual function.

“We could have used a three-pipe VRF system for this,” says Nigel, “but when we and Wave planned the project, we found that, for this installation, using single splits was a much more cost effective option.”

For the other two labs Brookair and Wave decided to use Fujitsu ARY18LUAD ducted units, to produce specific air patterns around the room.

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