Watts Announces Innovative Static Balancing Valve

Watts Industries UK has announced the launch of its brand-new static balancing valve, Series CF. Developed by our R&D Innovation Centre in Italy, Series CF is a UK first thanks to its innovative technology. Part of the Watts iDROSET balancing valve family, Series CF uses patented technology to deliver superior performance.

Easy to install, adjust and designed to be responsive while saving our customers time, it balances heating, cooling and drinking water distribution systems quickly and effectively.

Kerry Harris, Sales Director UK said: “Series CF is a UK first and a game changer for the HVAC industry thanks to its quick installation time and lack of special tools or training to use it effectively in a system. This innovation will save time for installers as well as improve the performance of the heating and air conditioning systems it is connected to.”

Utilising our patented, accurate technology, the user-friendly Series CF delivers precise calibration that’s straightforward to set and real-time information that’s easy to interpret without any special tools.

The valve body is manufactured from brass and composite, featuring an ergonomic shape that allows the valve to be deployed in a range of ways with a multifunctional hand wheel that sets the flow rate.

Visit https://wattsindustries.co.uk/SeriesCF/

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