Watkins Hire becomes king

Heating and cooling specialist, Watkins Hire, has become the only hire firm to offer the new KwikCOOL SAC 25 portable split air conditioning unit, offering customers a more powerful, flexible cooling solution than ever before.

The SAC 25 upgrades the technology used by older PAC split air conditioning systems with an increase in cooling power to 7.4kW plus increased air volume and throw.  Watkins Hire can now specify temporary cooling solutions with a much wider ambient operating range 8ºC to 36ºC , which is particularly useful for environments that need to operate at lower ambient temperatures such as data & telecoms rooms, offices with a high IT specification to name a few applications.

Alan Ferguson from Watkins Hire says: “The older models though effective would not kick in until ambient temperatures reached at least 17 degrees C, which is already too warm for some environments.  The new SAC 25 does not switch off its compressor to defrost, the older technology used on the PAC units does. Watkins SAC25 does not ice up at 8/9ºC thus the SAC25 supplies cold air continuously.”


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