Waterloo’s standard range continues to grow

Waterloo GC5-NS and curved grilleWaterloo Air Products, UK manufacturers of advanced air distribution and ventilation devices, is adding two more products to its standard range to grow its already huge range of air terminal devices that meet both engineering and architectural requirements.

One of these products is the GC5-NS egg crate grille. The grille is manufactured with fresh thinking so that it not only satisfies air flow and distribution requirements, but also looks good.

It is particularly useful for terminal, shopping centre and other projects which have a large space where the ceiling void would usually be visible, but the design of the GC5-NS keeps the ceiling void out of sight, maintaining the architect’s vision.

Waterloo has also added the Curved Grille to its standards range. Coming in 5 curved formats, the grilles can be manufactured to any required radius over 1.75 metres.

“We always look to add further products to our standard range to give customers wider choices to suit their vision,” explains Ron Edmondson, Managing Director, Waterloo Air Products. “These two products were already available to customers but are now part of our standard range, this means we already have the test data and drawings for these products, creating fewer processes between order and delivery to help meet the flexibility needed for complicated and changing ventilation systems.”


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