Waterloo’ security grilles satisfy the air distribution requirements for the prison service

Waterloo's range of security grilles for prison and detention servicesWaterloo Air Products plc, the UK’s leading air distribution manufacturer offers a complete range of security grilles designed to meet the specific requirements of the prison and detention services.

“Our security grilles combine high quality air distribution with aesthetics and they are fully compliant in environments where security and safety are paramount,” says Rick Edmondson, Chairman of Waterloo.

The grilles were developed in conjunction with the prison service, to supply and extract air for low, medium and high risk situations where security is a fundamental concern.  They are suitable for any building with detention facilities including prisons, courts, young offender detention centres, police stations and other buildings of confinement where tamper-proof features are essential.

Matreya Southgate, Product Development Manager, explains. “Ventilation is an essential requirement in detention cells. Section 14 of The Prison Act 1952 requires cells to provide ventilation that is adequate for good health.  Regular air changes are needed within these confined spaces, to meet the demands of Section 14. Air distribution grilles in these environments need to be multiple-functional. They must be securely fixed and tamper proof to prevent prisoners escaping through ductwork or using them as instruments to either self-harm or injure others, whilst still distributing air efficiently throughout the building.”

Waterloo’s security grilles are designed with anti-vandal and anti-ligature features, providing additional safety and protection high risk or vulnerable offenders. They comply with the Ministry of Justice Prison Service specifications and the Home Office Police Custody Design Guide (HOPDG). The grilles are manufactured as standard from 3mm thick mild steel plate and are suitable to be either wall or ceiling mounted. Each type can be supplied with a range of plenum boxes, dampers and fire blocks. All three grilles are available in rectangular, square or circular size options from a minimum 75mmx75mm to a maximum size of 1000mmx600mm, with 3mm perforated face plates and provide a duty range of 10 l/s to 800 l/s.

All feature, side or top entry connections, Allen key operated opposed blade dampers and plenum boxes. The SG1 high level security grille features rear fixing only whereas the SG2 medium security grille offers face and rear fixing. The SG3 low security grille offers face fixing and is available as a face plate only. The grilles are provided with Zintec coating as standard and are available in RAL9010 white or RAL9006 silver with other colours available on request. Waterloo has successfully designed and installed security grilles in a number of prisons across the UK. In November 2015 The Home Office announced it was embarking on a significant renovation of prisons as well as building nine more. These will provide improved facilities for inmates. Appropriate air distribution will play a significant role in helping to deliver a safer and healthier environment.

Fast facts

  • Low, medium or high security applications
  • Side or top entry connections available
  • 3mm perforated faceplates
  • Duty range – 10 l/s to 800 l/s


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