Water saving condenser

Baltimore Aircoil has introduced the world’s first dry/wet evaporative condenser with water saving intelligence. The new B.A.C. HXC water saving evaporative condenser is the first condenser that takes full advantage of the low condensing temperature capability of evaporative cooling whilst using air cooled technology, and thus saving water, when the condensing load or ambient temperature falls.

The HXC uses intelligent controls which match the load to the capacity of the condenser thus optimising water savings.

The HXC makes use of combined heat transfer technology first pioneered in B.A.C.’s evaporative condenser CXV range.

The refrigerant gas is first fed to a stainless steel coil with aluminium fins at the top of the unit where the dry air cooled portion of the condensing capacity is achieved before the refrigerant passes in series to the evaporative coil. This is a conventional hot dip galvanised steel condensing coil mounted above a fill pack and with its own re-circulating water system. This arrangement achieves the highly efficient evaporative cooling portion of the unit’s condensing capacity.

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