Water jetting cleaning training update boosts safety

Building services specialists that use high pressure water jetting for cleaning and maintenance will benefit from improved training following a review of the UK’s main water jetting safety course.

The Water Jetting Association (WJA) has significantly updated its Safety Awareness course, a mandatory course designed to support safe water jetting in all applications.

Central to the course upgrade has been the updating of 50 questions used to create six test papers for the class-based one-day course, which is City & Guilds-accredited and delivered across the UK and internationally.

The WJA is the UK’s leading provider of water jetting training for pressure-washing, industrial cleaning and surface defouling across all commercial and industrial sectors, including manufacturing, oil and marine industries and water utilities.

John Jones, Vice-President of the WJA and Chairman of the Training and Safety Committee, said: “We’ve taken account of feedback from trainees, training providers and our approved instructors.

“The changes will give trainee water jetting operatives and their employers confidence that their knowledge is being assessed consistently and they are receiving high-quality training.”

The pressures achieved by the most basic pressure washing equipment are high enough to cause serious, and potentially-fatal, injuries, warns the WJA, so it is essential that training is as effective as possible.

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