Water heater selection is easy

Selecting the right hot water system for a new building or a renovation project is complex. A.O. Smith has developed a unique calculation program called Sizing program to make this exercise easier.

By completing a number of consecutive steps, an advice for a specific hot water appliance will follow. Solar recommendations consist of an integrated system advice and non solar recommendations refer to a specific hot water appliance.

The A.O. Smith Sizing program is accessible online 24 hours per day and takes into account all relevant factors that influence the choice. This makes it an ideal tool to quickly and correctly find the most suitable hot water system for your project location.

The A.O. Smith website includes a link to the water heater selection program in the chapter Sizing program. It has a series of detailed questions regarding your project location. Based on your input data, the program provides you with an installation advice. If the program is not able to calculate a suitable solution for your project location it will provide you with an A.O.Smith alternative.


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