Water-cooled control

Mitsubishi Electric is offering another UK-first with the launch of special software that allows its advanced range of R410A close control systems to be linked to its unique WY, water-cooled condensers to reduce a building’s carbon footprint.
The PFD inverter-driven units match the exacting requirements of computer rooms, laboratories and other areas where strict control of humidity and temperature is a must, controlling the temperature to within one degree. However, until now, the heat from these rooms has had to be released to the outdoors.

“By their very nature, close control rooms require a lot of cooling and this generates useful energy which can be utilised elsewhere in the building,” said Philip Ord, Product Marketing Manager for the City Multi range. “Linking the PFD to our WY system means we can transfer this excess heat to where it can be used effectively rather than simply releasing it to the outdoors. In this way the PFD can help reduce the building’s overall energy load, whilst ensuring that the exacting requirements of the controlled environment are met.”

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