Water cooled chillers

Hushon (UK) Limited has released an all new range of EWWZ compact water cooled chillers. These units are produced in Spain by Hitecsa and will be marketed in the UK as the Hushon ‘H’ Range of equipment.
As the description suggests these units are very compact in design, the largest chiller at 140kW is only 1152mm high, 1256 wide and 1006 deep. The full range consists of eleven models from 26 to 140kW cooling capacity.

Initially these units will be available operating with refrigerant R407c but in due course will be offered with R410a. High efficiency compressors and plate heat exchangers feature in these chillers making them an ideal choice in today’s climate of tight space restrictions for plant of this nature.

These units are also available as condenserless water chillers under the model prefix EWSZ.

All models can be made available for delivery only three to four weeks from order for new build machines, and even faster if necessary as with all air conditioning equipment in the Hushon H’ Range.

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