Warmth with style

Interior designers can now combine reliable warmth with style, courtesy of cast iron radiators from Clyde Energy Solutions. Part of Clyde’s unrivalled traditional and modern radiator collection, the Decorative-Style Sandringham and Antique-Style Bohemia cast iron column radiators will add a timeless touch to period interiors or create a classic feel to a contemporary space. In addition, their solid construction makes them a practical choice, and they are designed to deliver economical performance over a virtually unlimited lifetime.
Clyde’s Sandringham and Bohemia cast iron radiators have a sectional design, with the potential for combining up to 19 sections, which gives a heat output at _T50 of up to 2109W for the Bohemia and 2717W for the Sandringham. Both types of radiator are suitable for use in either open vented or sealed heating systems with a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar.
Built for long-lasting reliability, Clyde’s Sandringham and Bohemia radiators are manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard from grey cast iron complying with ISO 185. The Sandringham radiator features attractive ‘Belle-Epoque’ patterned columns.
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