Warming up for the premier league

Premier League fans of legendary Aston Villa football Club will be warming to the Hamworthy Wessex ModuMax 160 kW high efficiency modular boilers recently installed in the Trinity Road Stand.

A refurbishment of the flagship Trinity Suite which is used for banqueting, functions and conferencing, meant an upgrade for the heating system was required. Contractors Lord Combustion Services were faced with the necessity for a higher output, but with limited room to install the boilers. The Wessex ModuMax boilers satisfied all the requirements with ease.

“Hamworthy’s Wessex ModuMax was ideal for this particular application  as we needed to put in more than one boiler in a very tight space to meet the requirement for over 300 kW extra output for the new air handling unit,” said Stuart Smith from Lord Combustion.

“Using the Wessex ModuMax allowed us to install two WM160/320he boilers side by side. These boilers have modules stacked one above another, enabling a total output of 640 kW to be squeezed into just 1.5m² of floor space.”

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