Being able to see how energy-consuming system components are performing is crucial if you are to reduce costs and improve environmental performance of buildings. Without information on fluid flow, across the system, it’s difficult to diagnose and optimise performance. With accurate flow information, the picture changes entirely.

Armstrong Fluid Technology has developed Active Performance Management to help optimise each component, to improve overall system efficiency. This is a systems management approach that optimises HVAC systems at any stage of a building’s life-cycle, responding to changing HVAC requirements. The combination of smart commissioning with real-time alerts and system transparency addresses performance drift and maintains occupant comfort. With Active Performance Management you can make annual energy savings of up to 40%.

Armstrong’s Performance Upgrade Suite is one of five service suites, including solutions which let you upgrade installed equipment to take advantage of industry-leading technology and unique Active Performance Management capabilities. Working at the equipment level, these solutions provide the best possible mechanical system efficiencies and maximise uptime.

One of Armstrong’s Active Performance Management solutions is Pump Manager, which ensures that pumps continue to operate efficiently and reliably throughout their complete lifecycles. Pump Manager is a cloud-based application that uses the embedded intelligence and connectivity of Armstrong Design Envelope pumps to provide performance reports to system operators. With this information, operators can make changes and address issues to optimise HVAC performance. Online trending and analysis across multiple parameters on single pumps, or on an aggregated basis for multiple pumps, assists in identifying performance degradation and facilitates a predictive and proactive approach. Pump Manager will, for example, report issues such as excessive vibration, pump in hand, risk of cavitation or a dead head should they start to occur.

Compatible with industry-standard BMS, EMS or CMMS solutions, Pump Manager helps reduce operating costs by providing data to support continuous optimisation of pump performance. Pump Manager also increases pump availability and reliability, reducing unexpected failures and providing early problem detection. Lastly it helps organisations report their energy use and environmental performance. This is particularly important for those organisations required to provide Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR).

Energy upgrade delivers savings at National Grid

Armstrong’s retrofit of a building belonging to National Grid reduced energy consumption by 70%, saving £22,400 per annum in energy costs. The energy upgrade project was carried out at National Grid’s three-storey commercial office block in Solihull, Birmingham. Priorities included the need to reduce energy costs and improve environmental performance of the building.

The pumps replaced were Holden and Brooke (Armstrong legacy) models manufactured in 2002. Six sets of twin-headed pumps were removed in total.

Three were supplying chilled water (one primary and two secondary) for air conditioning, whilst the remainder were supplying the heating system and domestic hot water requirements. The pumps removed ranged in size from 7.5kW to 37kW. The legacy Armstrong pumps were disassembled and the materials were separated, enabling them to be recycled.

The retrofit included new Armstrong twin pump sets which cut annual energy costs from £32,152 down to £9,752. Environmental performance also improved significantly, with an annual reduction in carbon emissions of 57,342kg of CO2. Throughout the lifetime of the new pumps, Armstrong’s Active Performance Management Solution, Pump Manager, is reducing the time and costs involved in routine maintenance, providing both best installed cost and best lifecycle costs.

To find out more about upgrading your system to gain greater visibility and control contact Armstrong Fluid Technology on tel: 08444 145 145, or email ukaftermarketsales@armstrongfluidtechnology.com.

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