Volt stick proving unit

Volt Stick – the original and still the best non-contact voltage tester range – has now launched the unique VSPU-1 Proving Unit- designed to provide even greater safety and piece of mind for electrical, gas and utilities engineers – and everyone else wise enough to keep a Volt Stick tester close to hand.

Initially developed to meet the most stringent Health & Safety policies and requirements of the UK’s major utilities providers and public sector engineers, Sagab’s new VSPU-1 Proving Unit is specifically designed to provide confident functionality testing of the Volt Stick 230v product range (Volt Stick 230Y, 230B, SOUND and LV50 models). Now globally available to the wholesaler and contractor markets, the portable VSPU-1 ensures that your Volt Stick tester can be checked to be functioning correctly at all times, on-site or off and without the need for a confirmed mains supply.

This self-powered Proving Unit internally generates a 220~240v electrical field when the tip of a Volt Stick is inserted into the Unit’s test portal. The Unit also doubles-up as storage point/bracket for a Volt Stick tester.


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