Volcano creates an impression

The Volcano IP54 from Ansell Lighting has brought to market a contemporary designed and energy efficient bi-directional amenity luminaire. It not only creates an attractive patterned wall wash effect, but also takes into account the need for energy efficiency and low cost of maintenance to minimise its impact on the environment.  This architectural lighting effect has been achieved by incorporating three LEDs – two of these are featured at one end of the fitting and the third at the opposite side to produce opposing beams of light.

Each of these non serviceable Luxeon LEDs have a life of up to 30,000 hours with a total power consumption of 3W. Two options are available, with either Blue LED’s or White LED’s, thereby offering different solutions to a number of differing applications.

To make installation easier for the contractor it comes complete with an integral LED Driver which allows a mains feed to go straight into the fitting which negates the requirement for a remote driver to be located in close proximity to the fitting, thereby minimising installation costs.


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