Virus washer protects staff

Following a new UK Government warning of the inevitability of a flu pandemic that could kill up to 50 million people worldwide, Sanyo has launched a new virus washer proven to permanently inactivate airborne viruses and bacteria.
The technology, which comes in the form of a moveable floor standing unit, is designed for use in sensitive and at-risk areas, such as GP surgeries and hospital waiting rooms, to protect staff and the general public from the spread of disease.
The Virus Washer has been proven to be effective against airborne viruses (99.9%) and bacterial pathogens (99.999994%) by the UK Health Protection Agency, Osaka Medical College and Gunma Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environmental Sciences.
The virus washer uses an electolysed water disinfecting element to inactivate viruses and other airbourne microbes and particles.  Electrolysed water runs over the air purification element in the virus washer.  Indoor air is then forced to circulate through the element, inactivating airbourne viruses which pass through it.
The unit also has a sophisticated five-layer filter system, including a high efficiency HEPA filter for removing pollen and dust mites, and has the approval of the British Allergy Foundation.

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