Virtually perfect vision

The recent lockdown has not been all bad news, as it has made many companies look for creative ways to overcome a number of issues that, for example the inability to travel, has created. Grundfos, who are known for their innovation in developing new generations of pump solutions, have once again, proved their ingenuity by introducing a number of virtual platforms, with customer needs at their heart.

Examples of this are virtual factory tours, virtual exhibitions, but perhaps more importantly the creation and facilitation of virtual pump witness testing.  These interactive events can be crucial for some high specification projects, where there is a need to ensure that pumps and/or solutions will meet increasingly complex project demands, prior to their arrival on site.

Grundfos were quick to see the potential of using virtual platforms and adapt their practices accordingly.  These interactions can take place on a variety of simple to complex digital platforms, but all mean that regardless of where the build happens – at a local plant or further afield – customers can be right at the heart of their system, without leaving their desk.


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