Viega, the global manufacturer of piping systems has introduced its Smartpress press connections to the UK. The newly redesigned system provides a quicker and more reliable method for connecting multi-layer composite pipe (MLCP).

The German engineered stainless steel and gunmetal Smartpress connectors are suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications including drinking water and heating installations.

The innovative Smartpress system replaces the traditional O-ring construction with a robust and durable Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) support structure that also simplifies the installation process. There is no need to widen, deburr or calibrate the pipe, simply cut to the correct length, slide the fitting into place and press the connection. This provides up to a 30% time saving on-site when compared with alternative systems.

In addition, Smartpress has also been designed to help maintain water pressure within the system. The deflectors in the Viega Smartpress connectors feature flow-optimised geometries and the construction achieves minimal cross section reductions. Therefore the fittings have very low resistance coefficients (zeta values) and as such reduce pressure loss by up to 80% when compared with standard designs.


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