Taking press connection technology to the next level, Viega has upgraded its Pressgun suite of products to make piping installations faster, easier and safer – with the new generation Pressgun 6 Plus and Pressgun Picco 6 Plus offering smart digital capabilities for simplified service processes.

Building on the success of the tried and trusted Pressgun 5, the new models incorporate intelligent connectivity that enables them to link wirelessly to a smartphone and provide enhanced functionality, such as information on battery levels, current pressings and number of pressings remaining before the maintenance interval is reached.

Accessed via the Viega Tool Services app, users can also select the pressing mode, choosing between the default Viega AutoCycle and Viega SmartCycle, which presses the connection in two stages to allow inspection prior to completing the pressing. Further functions available in the app include usage controls and anti-theft protection, which enable the tool to be deactivated when it reaches a pre-determined number of pressings or is removed from a set geographical area.

Engineered for ease of use, the new generation of Pressguns also benefit from an improved ergonomic design. The Pressgun 6 Plus press jaw holder can also be endlessly rotated 360°, while the Picco 6 Plus has a rotating head of up to 180°. The compact dimensions of both Pressguns make them an ideal tool for confined and awkward spaces.

The battery life has been upgraded to last longer, with the Pressgun 6 plus offering 35% more press strokes compared to previous generations. The Pressgun Picco 6 Plus is powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery system, enabling the machine’s size and weight to be significantly reduced. Each pressing operation takes around four seconds to complete, which also saves installation time.

With a pressing force of 32 kN, the Pressgun 6 Plus is suitable for metal press connection systems with a dimension of 12mm to 108mm, for Megapress steel pipe connections of 3/8 to 4 inches with the Pressgun Press Booster, and for multilayer pipe systems of 12mm to 63mm. The Pressgun Picco 6 Plus, on the other hand, can deliver a 24kN pressing force and handle metallic press connectors dimensions from 12 to 35 mm, Megapress steel pipe connectors from 3/8 to 3/4 inches and plastic pipeline systems from 12 to 40 mm.

Thanks to their high-quality engineering and brushless motor, Viega’s Pressguns are extremely wear resistant. The service interval offers 42,000 pressings – an equivalent to four years of usage. When it is ready for service, this will be shown on the coloured LED display on the rear of the Pressgun casing, which also indicates the machine’s current operating status.

“We are always looking to incorporate the latest technology and innovations into our products and this latest extension to the Pressgun portfolio will offer users even greater levels of operational control,” said Scott James, Managing Director at Viega. “This new generation of Pressguns will help improve efficiency, lower costs and provide new insights for our customers.”

Viega will also offer the Pressgun 6, which is a new and updated version of the Pressgun 5. In addition, Viega has also created the Viega System Case, a co-ordinated and adaptable storage system for all Pressguns and accessories.


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