Video shows fast installation

An online video from CentraLine shows its powerful LION building controller being installed and commissioned in just 1 minute 35 seconds.  The clip is on YouTube (search ‘CentraLine’) and the ‘CentraLine City’ website at (click LION poster on ‘City’ view).
LION is designed for easy, fast installation and can be applied for stand-alone operation, dial-up and networked building automation systems.  It uses a unique patented Panel Bus concept developed by Honeywell, featuring ‘Click and Go’ DIN rail installation.
LION comprises a technically advanced, freely programmable control module and a set of specially designed input/output (I/O) modules.
It has twice the memory capacity of the popular Honeywell Excel 500 controller, so gives CentraLine Partner companies more flexibility to design and control complex applications.  LION can perform a huge range of energy management functions, including optimum start/stop, night purge and maximum load demand.
The modular design enables easy expansion to meet future needs.  All modules can be changed without disrupting the power and bus connections: simply unplug the old and insert the new.  Software updates are managed automatically.

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