Versatility from Venture

Venture Lighting’s programmable PART NIGHT electronic ballasts enable outdoor HID lighting to operate at different light outputs for different periods of time, depending on the application. As such they enable significant energy savings while ensuring adequate light levels are maintained at all times – such as highest outputs when vehicle and pedestrian traffic are high, with lower levels during quieter periods.

Crucially, the programming can be carried out post-installation via the existing mains cable, eliminating the need for additional wiring or expensive communication packages. Each ballast can also be individually addressable to maximise the range of configurations available.

PART NIGHT ballasts are extremely flexible, enabling complex programmes to be very simply introduced to both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lighting. Typically, this will involve setting a range of varying light outputs scheduled for up to 10 power changes throughout the night. 

The ballasts can be pre-programmed before installation, or they can be quickly programmed on site after installation. Each ballast can also be individually addressable as lighting points can be controlled individually or in zones and re-programmed at any time to reflect changes in lighting requirements.

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