Versatile rooftop units

Packaged rooftop air conditioners from Walter Meier (Climate UK) bring a new level of functionality to rooftop units, combining high efficiency and performance with low life cycle costs, ease of installation and competitive pricing. They can be configured to meet heating, cooling and air handling duties, thus reducing total plant requirements.

The range includes the Lambda Echos and Gamma units, both manufactured by Blue Box.

Optimised for use with refrigerant R410A, Lambda Echos units are available in cooling capacities from 54.4kW to 327.9kW and heating capacities from 56.1kW to 337.1kW and can be configured to provide free cooling, free heating and heat recovery to minimise energy consumption – further enhanced by high insulation levels. Units up to 72kW can also be supplied with EC (electronically commutated) radial fans for additional energy savings.

Designed for use with R407C, the smaller Gamma units also feature excellent insulation levels and offer nominal cooling capacities from 5.6kW to 66kW and nominal heating capacities from 5.9kW to 68.4kW and are available in cooling only and heat pump versions.

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